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10-01-11 04:19 
ok li not trying to be rude but how can you have a site for mobile downloads if not all phones can download a single thing from it? Metropcs' phone freeform3 cant download a single thing from this site and my last phone couldnt either but my last phone was a piece of crap. Plz try to find a way for my phone to download stuff from here. I love this site

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10-01-11 09:03 
Metro is the reason you can't download from here.
We don't hate them. We don't hate their users. They just block us, and most other sites too. This non freedom feeling that metro users experience is how metro keeps their cost low.

You don't pay for full service. You don't get full service.

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10-04-11 00:09 
i never said ffm hated metro or metro phones. I just wondered if it were possible for ms li to find a way so my phone could download from here and metro doesnt block us from downloading. They block certain phones. Not all of them. But thanks anyways..

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10-04-11 18:16 
Sorry, there isn't anything that we can do especially for samsung freeform 2 & 3.. the phone just doesn't support downloading.. the only way to get ringtones is to download to your computer first, (on the Send to Phone page, click PC Download) then transfer over to your phone via usb cable, sd memory card, or bluetooth.


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10-10-11 19:06 


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