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Female 41
Last Visit: 03-10-11

12-15-09 18:49 
Anybody got the hero besides me?
Please change your phone on your profile.


Male 104
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02-15-10 18:59 
I Just got that phone..... I went from the instinct, which was working fine with this site...... but, I can't get this one to dowload anything..... if you find out what to do before I do, Please share it and I'll do the same...



Last Visit: 12-18-14

11-01-10 18:46 
Have you tried downloading the tone onto your PC, and then using the usb cord that came with your phone to transfer it from your PC to your phone?


Female 28
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11-29-10 01:44 
I can't figure out how to download ringtones and my phone doesn't have internet!


Last Visit: 12-18-14

11-29-10 18:35 
Try step 3 and/or 4 :

There are 4 ways to download stuff to your mobile phone. (1) and (2) requires internet enabled on phone.

(1) Visit your FunBlog WAP URL (on control panel page) or to surf, view and download all your stuff and all public stuff.

(2) If you find an item you like on website, key in WAP URL on your phone. Use the download code to download. Each tone, picture, game or video is assigned with a download code. The download code can be found below the specific item.

(3) Send ringtones and wallpapers from our website to your phone. For some carriers, this option also works if you don't have internet on your phone.

(4) Download to PC, use cable or bluetooth to transfer.


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